A fair launched Defi Token with a revolutionary model for rewarding its community of holders, through advanced tokenomics and proof-of-work media production.

Our Whitepaper is our mission statement.

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Transaction Fee


Liquidity Fee


Projects Grants


Gains Reinvested

A TCMC burn will be decided by the team, for initial stability, whereas the burn will permanently remove a specific number of TCMC from the circulating supply by sending the said Tokens of TCMC to a “dead” wallet. This process results in a reduced total supply of TCMC, which will also increase the value of the remaining TCMC.
Though some coins/tokens institute an automatic burn in their contract code, we feel this is ill-advised, as the eventuality is a burn-out. By controlling the burns manually, the community of holders can benefit from a burn strategy that is on par with the intent of a stable currency producing consistent growth. All burns will be openly reported and tracked.

How to buy

Step 1

download trust wallet

Download Trust Wallet on your phone. It is available on both iOS and Android. You can also use any other app as long as it is compatible with PancakeSwap.

Step 2

Transfer BNB to your wallet

Transfer BNB to your wallet. This can be done from Binance via the BNB network or you can also top up your Trust Wallet by going into your Smart Chain wallet and press the buy button, found to the right of the receive button.

Step 3

Enter PancakeSwap via DApps

Enter PancakeSwap via DApps. Exchange BNB for $TCMC using the contract address:


Transfer from Binance

transfer from binance

Once you’ve sent your BNB from Binance to any other wallet using the BEP-20 network, you have to go to DEX in your wallet and swap it to Smart Chain.



If you’re on iOS the browser won’t show in your app. To solve this copy trust://browser_enable into your internet browser (Safari, Chrome etc.)

How to buy Tutorial


  • Token Launch
  • Liquidity / Pancakeswap
  • Lock Liquidity
  • Bscscan
  • Launch Socials
  • Website
  • Launch Merch
  • Apply Coingecko.com
  • Apply Coinsniper
  • Apply Whitebit
  • Apply Probit
  • Apply CMC
  • Realease First Artist Grant Contest
  • Expand Global Production Team
  • Expand Core Solidity Team
  • Contract Audit
  • Register Company as Legal Entity
  • Produce First Indie Film
  • Expand Global Production Company
  • Establish Media Partnerships
  • Release TCMC App. for IPhone and Android
  • Establish Large Scale Artist Grant Series
  • Release TCMC Swap on TCMC Website
  • Release New Features of App. that Integrate with TCMC SWAP
  • Sponsor TCMC Festival
  • Partnership / Sponsor Theatre Production
  • TCMC Payment System Released for Media and Arts Venues
  • Expand Global Production Facilities
  • Release TCMC Musician Roster
  • TCMC App. Artist Direct Fund Unlocks

Our Core Team