Dynamic Real World Project Creation & Rewards + Static Token Rewards + Liquidity Acquisition + Manual Burn
The Ultimate Deflationary Financial Investment Utility that easily Bridges the perceived chasm between Cryptocurrency and Fiat Returns.

The Crypto Media Co. (TCMC)

In the cryptocurrency world, digital financial viability has often been locked in liquidity pools, farming utilities, blockchain ecosystems and speculation. The value of the coin/token being dependent on fortunate pairings for digital trade and the perception of value by the internal and external community. Whereas, in the realm of fiat business formats, there must be tangible production output and subsequent benefit for those involved in the means of said production.
The Crypto Media Co. brings both of these worlds together to create a self-reflecting circular value system. This is achieved by taking TCMC (The Blockchain based Token of The Crypto Media Co.) through the exciting world of DeFI and out into the real world through the production of music, film, theatre arts and festivals.

The real world financial gains, are then reinvested directly into TCMC, thereby increasing both the input value through constant reinvestment and the output capabilities for further projects of The Crypto Media Co. and it's global community, aka the Holders of TCMC.

And rather than, like many tokens in the crypto world, giving to a subsidiary or third-party charity, the TCMC Holders will function as their own charity, and the community, through voting systems, will be able to direct 1.7% of funds as it sees fit, in line with the The Crypto Media Co's scope of operations, thereby we are also able to aid those less fortunate in the audio, film and other art’s industries, who have been unduly effected by the current financial global situation.

The application process to receive funds and benefits from TCMC in the form of Arts Grants will be open and transparent within the community and each application vetted for legitimacy. As this has real world application, all accounting will be done through a registered Chartered Accounting Firm. One of the best ways for the artist to establish financial solvency is to also become a holder of TCMC!